Crude And Oil Products Trading

Emad energy team provide tailor-made solutions, advanced and through analysis across the whole range of trading activities.
Given the complex nature of the business, we keep our focus on the price trends in the oil markets along with macroeconomic, geopolitics and finance developments.
We are lean and flexible to adjust to any ever changing environment always identifying ways to evolve our activities creating value for the company.
We are always in position to capture opportunities as arise, as well moving away from sector or business as deteriorate.

Our Services


Worldwide Networks

EMAD Energy is based in Geneva, our experienced and skilled team is focused on Med - ARA - Black Sea - Middle East - West Africa building new paths towards USA and China.
Strong relationship with Oil Majors and refining companies guaranteed to Emad Energy to access to crude , fuel oil and feedstocks at any time.

The Team

EMAD Energy values, expertise and innovation derives from his people. 

Our team with drive and relationships working together contribute to the growth and development of our business.

Our team with the understanding and commitment to manage the risk, using full range of instruments (including future s, options, swap and EFP’s) have a culture of responsibility and accountability to protect our capital.

Ready to find out more?

Looking straight forward to increase volumes, paying many attention to market development, and new opportunities, EMAD Energy is always welcoming to meet and evaluate fresh business and new customers or suppliers. Do not hesitate for contacting us for any kind of needs.