Why Choose EMAD Energy?

01. Find me some..

The close relationship with E&P and refining companies gives to Emad access to a variety of crude, products and feedstocks to satisfy the most demanding customer on short or long term supplying contracts.

02. Time Is Money

EMAD Energy is a small and very experienced company with lean structure that allows to move fast and reach the goal, offering the best solutions as soon as possible to meet its customers' needs.

03. Customer First

We strongly believe there is only one way for growing, doing it together!
Only giving the right importance to each customer we are able to expand our and your business, we truly believe in a loyal win to win system.

04. Save While Sailing

Our efficient shipping team helps to get first-class vessels always in line with the highest standards requested in the market. A portfolio of thrust worthy shipping agencies, accurately selected and approved helps to carry clearances and operations at any port in the fastest way.

05. Play Safe

We have a firm commitment to risk management, through a full range of hedging instruments (including futures, options, swap and EFP’s) preserving our capital with a culture of responsibility and accountability of our traders.